The brilliance of social media platforms

social media marketing

Social Media Optimization, as the name suggests, is to do with utilizing social media platforms to maximize the image of your brand, the popularity of your product or the viral-ness of your campaign. is one such digital marketing company that uses a plethora of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and many more in order to give your company the ultimate marketing advantage.

Even in the realm of social media optimization, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are considered to be the most powerful social media platforms currently available. The latest trend that has been making the rounds is the use of ‘hash tags’, which became popular from the use of Twitter handles. However, now, one can use hash tags (#) on almost every social media platform there is. One of the distinct advantages of using a hash tag is that it connects your content to similar content from around the globe due to the simple fact that you along with someone else have used the same handle.

Besides the popular platforms, LinkedIn is a great social networking site that has integrated the sharing of business and concepts into its basic premise. Platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr are not yet as popular as the rest. However, they offer undue advantage in terms of advertising the ‘human’ side of a company. Some of the best customer connections and informal network building happen within these two sites by the simple sharing of pictures that speak a thousand words.

In order for a social media optimization or social media marketing strategy to perform brilliantly, an in-depth analysis is required as to which platforms should be used. The relevance of the platforms can be decided on the basis of the motive of opting for SMO in the first place. These reasons could vary from improving sales and improving customer satisfaction , brand promotion, product promotion, so on and so forth. Based on the requirement of the client company, the best platform(s) to be used can be decided.

Being guided by a professional in the industry is the best way to minimize errors. After all, spending hundreds of man hours on SMO on the wrong platform can cost you almost as much as not investing in SMO at all. Keeping in mind the expansive reach of social media and the internet, it would be unwise to not take advantage of ready-to-use platforms for the benefit of your company.